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May 8, 2020

Tech Play Recipe: Sink or Float
You will need: 
  • Smartphone or tablet 
  • PBS Kids Play and Learn Science App
  • Low bin with water (optional) 
  • Varied objects that may sink or float (optional)
  • Be a scientist! Observe, ask questions, and test your hypothesis! 
  • Play the “Sink or Float” activity in the PBS Kids Play and Learn Science app
  • Ask questions like: what do you think will happen if? and why do you think that happened? 
  • Use words like: sink, float, heavy, light, buyoant, absorb 
  • Re-create the experiment with real materials
  • Let your child explore the objects, and make predictions about what they think will sink or float.


Tech Tips for Young Children: 
  • Co-view media together: talk with your child, watch, listen and play along. 
  • Choose media that matches your child’s interests, and is age appropriate. 
  • Create a screen free zone in the bedroom to ensure healthy sleep habits.  
  • Be a role model by limiting your own media usage, your child will follow your lead! 
  • Set rules for screen time together as a family. Use our Family Media Plan

For more tips on managing screen/tech time with your little ones, check out our post: Balancing Your Family's Screen Time in Difficult Times 

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