BKLYN Kids Presents: National Physicians Week

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Doctors, nurses, and medical professionals are working tirelessly around the clock to keep us all healthy, especially now.  

To celebrate National Physicians Week from March 25-31, 2020 we have come up with a booklist, crafts, and activities to inspire you.  

Here is a list of books you can read with your kids, including some they can read independently, to help answer questions about what doctors do, and what a child can expect at a doctor visit.

Kids Create

Cotton Swab Painting: 
Super fun and easy, all you need is cotton swab / cotton balls , paper and paint.   

photo credit: Mott Children

Use the cotton swabs / balls as your paintbrush and paint away! 

Body Tracing: 
Grab a cardboard box, lay it out flat or use some long butcher paper. Trace the children’s bodies by having them lie down. Use crafting supplies to decorate the body.  

photo credit: Artful Parent

Make a Stethoscope: 
Got a curious child that wants to know how a stethoscope works? Here's a fun craft that explains its functions.  

Materials: Egg carton, string / yarn, paper plate  

photo credit: pinterest

Cut out a cup from an empty carton of eggs. You can decorate your egg cup if you want. Poke a hole in the bottom of the egg cup and thread a piece of yarn/ string through the hole. Make sure to tie a knot so that the cup hangs from the end. Cut the center out of a paper plate , it should look like a ring. Cut one side of the ring so it opens. Now place it around your child's neck. Poke a hole in the side of the ring opposite from the cut. Thread the other unknotted end of the string from the egg cup through the hole in the paper plate ring and knot it so that the cup hangs.

Kids Explore   

Measure and record your child's height and weight.  

Even when stuck indoors it's important to remember that exercise keeps us healthy . It's great for our hearts and helps to strengthen it. Play a game like Simon says but instead of Simon replace it with Doctor (insert child's name).  The doctor gets to  prescribe physical activities "Doctor (Name of child) says, "jump up and down", "touch the floor", etc. 

Virtual Resources:


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