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In honor of National Agriculture Week, we're showing you how to Grow your Own Green Onions!

Depending on who you ask, green onions are called scallions or spring onions. They are sold at various markets with the roots intact. Normally, you use everything but the roots. To save money, save time, reduce waste, upcycle and show off your green thumb you can easily regrow green onions!

Here’s a super easy way to regrow spring onions so you can get an almost endless supply. A perfect way to make use of kitchen scraps. All you need are the following materials:

  • a jar (reused a salsa container)

  • water

  • spring onion roots

Now that you've gathered your materials, follow these steps:

1. Cut off the ends of the shoots, leaving roots intact

2. Use a small jar and fill with cold water about halfway.

3. Place the roots in the jar making sure the top edges are above water.

4. Set in a sunny spot , windowsill works great . Make sure that the roots are always moist.

5. Within 24 hours you should see little green shots appear. Your first harvest can be in 1 week!

6. Shoots will continue to grow as long as the roots are submerged. Remember to change water at least once a week.

7. Spring onions in the jar will continue to grow but overtime the plant will become weak. If you’d like you can also plant in a pot with some soil , they will grow in the ground almost indefinitely. Keep an eye on it because it may even flower!

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