Summer Reading Highlight: Books for Babies,Toddlers & Preschoolers


Celebrate A Universe of Stories with celestial favorites from our Babies, Toddlers and Pre-Schoolers summer reading booklist.

By reading a new bedtime story together, you will be completing one of Brooklyn Public Library’s Summer Reading challenges. Pick up your  Summer Reading Challenge/Booklist today at your local library and enjoy fun activities to do with your youngster like creating a paper towel tube telescope, playing a flashlight "find and shine" early literacy game and sharing a new lullaby. 

Bring your completed Summer Reading Challenge to any branch to receive out-of-this-world stickers and a basketball ticket voucher good for two seats at a game at Barclays Center or Nassau Coliseum. You can also enter to win a Grand Prize raffle for an Ipad. Finally, don't forget to pick up a Stroller Card Song Set with lots of great tunes to sing with your little one when you are out and about.

Books for Babies


Book Cover: Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star
Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star By David Ellwand

David Ellwand's lovable vintage teddies don't want to go to bed- but the evening star's lullaby takes them to a world of dreams.

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Book Cover: Goodnight Bear
Goodnight Bear By Jane Cabrera

As the moon shines brightly, baby animals are encouraged to go to sleep.

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Books for Toddlers


Book Cover: Touch The Brightest Star
Touch The Brightest Star By Christie Matheson

An interactive picture book showcasing the beauty of nighttime.

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Book Cover: Roaring Rockets
Roaring Rockets By Tony Mitton

Get ready for blast-off to learn all about rockets! Roaring Rockets follows the animal crew as they become astronauts heading to the Moon. Each page is filled with details that machine-mad kids will love: spacesuits, oxygen helmets, the lunar lander, and much more!

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Books for Preschoolers


Book Cover: Moon rope : a Peruvian folktale = Un lazo a la luna : una leyenda peruana
Moon rope : a Peruvian folktale = Un lazo a la luna : una leyenda peruana By Lois Ehlert

An adaptation of the Peruvian folktale in which Fox and Mole try to climb to the moon on a rope woven of grass

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Book Cover: Our stars
Our Stars By Gail Gibbons

A simple introduction to the stars, planets, and outer space.

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