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Hasina Islam
September 6, 2018

As Summer Reading 2018 comes to a close, we'd like to feature some of our all-star patrons who participated in the program!

Meet Tatyana and Sofiya

My family came to the USA from Ukraine 25 Years ago. To start a new life was not easy at all. But everyone was full of hope and desire to learn, work, and succeed. Friends introduced my daughter to the Windsor Terrace Library. That was a lot of help for her. She was a very shy teenage girl. With support from the librarians, she started reading books. High school studying was very challenging, but she never gave up. My mother-in-law was very happy to read books in her native language, Russian. The books are borrowed from the library by my daughter. I am an old fan of the Windsor Terrace Library team. The staff members are all friendly, kind, intelligent, and helpful. I am grateful for their service, understanding demeanor, support and professionalism.

Tatyana and Sofiya at Windsor Terrace

Last summer my dream came true.  I took the water-color painting lessons, which I never thought I would. The library has programs for me and my grandchildren. There’s books for all of us to enjoy. My granddaughter, Sofiya started reading during the Summer Reading Program. She has been involved in the library programs for 5 years. She is very shy and selective mute. Ms. Hasina is patient with Sofiya and always greets her with a smile. With help from Ms. Hasina, Sofiya’s reading is getting better. Now she reads for me, happily. She respects the librarians. Sofiya loves books and hold each new book as a treasure box; opening it with curiosity. She has a special power now – the power to read. She has the power to decode sentence by sentence, up to the end of the story. Then she closes the book, looks up and says, “The End. Did you like the book? Do you want to hear it again?” And of course my answer is “Yes!”. This makes her very happy.

Sofiya Reading at Windsor Terrace Library

She reads poems and makes up melodies while reading. She loves the rhythm and beat. She is sensitive to music and likes to sing along during the library programs for kids. She learned how to make maracas and dances with her 1.5 year old brother Avi.  She reads books for him, but he wants to read by himself sometimes. Sofiya visited the American Museum of Natural History through tickets she won from a raffle at the library. She loved seeing the exhibits and we have gone back often.

For our family, Windsor Terrace Library is like the basis of knowledge, facts, books, lessons, computer, games, movies, concerts, and festivals. The Summer Reading Program gives everyone a challenge to learn, read, make friends, build confidence patience, and tolerance. I used to be worried how I will keep Sofiya busy but the library always has a program to offer. Sofiya loves the read aloud and crafts. We love coming to the library and spending time in a place that feels like home. It is a big help for adults to keep the young mind occupied and curious. I am grateful that there is always something to do for all of us. It’s amazing to see my grandchildren become lifelong lovers of the library.  I am thankful for all the hard work from all the staff at Windsor Terrace.

Have any special Summer Reading moments you'd like to share? Leave a comment below!

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