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Cameron Myers
May 31, 2018

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Multilingual Storytime

You guessed it -- the Brooklyn Library offers multilingual storytimes! They are a great way to introduce your young child to new languages, or enforce languages already spoken at home. Beyond that, multilingualism in young children has shown to be positive for brain plasticity and executive function.

Click here for a list of our multilingual storytimes! Our multilingual storytimes are generously supported by the City's First Readers, an initiative of the New York City Council.

Interested in some multilingual books for young children? Try checking these out from your local library:

Book Cover: Say Hello
Say Hello written by Rachel Isadora

A little girl greets people in her neighborhood in many different languages.

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Book Cover: Everywhere the cow says moo
Everywhere the Cow Says Moo! written by Ellen Weinstein

Easy-to-read text reveals the different words for animal sounds in four languages--English, Spanish, French, and Japanese--and the one that remains the same.

Check the Catalog

If you like music, is a fantastic website for finding children's songs in other languages. The songs are sorted by continent and then by country. Here are a few noteworthy examples:

Multilingual Children's Songs

Aserrín, aserrán (Spanish - Mexico)
Aserrín, aserrán,
los maderos de San Juan,
piden pan, 
no les dan,
piden queso, 
les dan hueso 
y se les atora en el pescuezo! 
Piden vino, si les dan 
Se marean y se van.

Sansa Kroma (Akan - Ghana)
Roaming Hawk
Sansa Kroma 
Ne na wuo
ɔkye kye nkokɔmba
ɔse ɔnnkɔ ye edwuma
Ne na wuo 
ɔkye kye nkokɔmba 
ɔe kyin kyin, e kyin kyin, e kyin kyin 
ɔse ɔnnkɔ ye edwuma
Ne na wuo ooo
Ne gya wuo ooo
Sansa Kroma 
Ne na wuo 
ɔkye kye nkokɔmba 

Moe Moe Pepe (Samoa - Somoan)
Moe moe pepe, 
Tumutumu le la'au 
A agi le matagi, 
E lue atu ma toe sau
A gau le lala, 
Pau le moega
Malie oe pepe 
Lau fa'aluega.

Sapo Jururu (Brazil - Portugese)
Sad Frog
Sapo jururu, na beira do rio 
Quando o sapo canta, ó maninha
é porque tem frio.

A mulher do sapo deve estar
lá dentro, fazendo rendinha, 
ó maninha para o casamento.

En elefant kom marcherende
(Denmark - Danish)
One Elephant Came Marching
En elefant kom marcherende
Hen ad edderkoppens fine spind,
Fandt at vejen var så int'ressant
At den byder op endnu en elefant.

To elefanter kom marcherende
hen ad edderkoppens fine spind
fandt at vejen var så interessant,
at de byder op endnu en elefant.

Tre elefanter kom marcherende
hen ad edderkoppens fine spind
fandt at vejen var så interessant,
at de byder op endnu en elefant.

Ай бөпем (Kazakhstan - Kazakh)
Oh My Little One
Аулым көшiп барады-ау
Алмалыға кiм көнбейдi тағдырдың
Көрмегелi көп айдың
Жүзi болды ата-анамның хабарың

Ай-ай бөпем кейiн қалған елiмдi 
Көрер мекем-ай.
Игигай-игигай -оу.
Көрер мекем-ай.

Туған жерден сағыным
Топырағың көз алдыма келедi 
Cол турағым-ай.
Ата-анамның аяулы
Аңсағанда ақ бөпемдi аялап


See you at the next storytime! Ciao for now!


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