Be the first to test out new library services and technologies, and get BPL swag! Come sit with us to share your feedback as a patron of the library.

BPL does research to better understand how well the library and library technology is working for people. We do all kinds of projects on a rolling basis, and if you’re selected to participate, we will schedule a time to invite you into a library branch for about 1 hour, and you will receive a sturdy and stylish BPL tote bag, mug, or $25 American Express gift card (we will inform you beforehand which one of these it will be).

If you are interested in speaking with us to help improve the library, please complete the following questionnaire so we know which projects you are eligible for.

Your information will not be shared with any third parties, and will only be used to contact you about opportunities to participate in this new initiative.

Which of the following best represents how often you have visited the library in the past year?
Do you have children who visit the library with you?
Example: 5, 7, 15
Which of the following devices do you currently own?
Which of the following have you ever used or attended?
Which of the following do you frequently use or attend?
How did you hear about participating in user research at BPL?