It is incredibly important to protect our library funding in this year's city budget.

That’s where you come in. You and your Brooklyn neighbors have the power to keep our libraries strong as city leaders make budget decisions for this year.

As Brooklyn Public Library celebrates an incredible 125 years of service in our borough, we’re reflecting on everything our libraries offer to our Brooklyn community.

That’s 125 years of outstanding collections, resources, and programming—including tutoring for students, assistance for job seekers, online education classes, mentoring for small business owners and so much more!

Now, with a new mayor and other leaders stepping in, it’s never been more important that our local libraries are kept top of mind. Important budget decisions that affect our libraries will certainly be made this year—and we need your help–send a letter today to ensure that libraries are considered.

Dear Mayor Adams, City Council Speaker Adams, Finance Chair Brannan, Library Chair Ossé, and your city council member