Solar Eclipse 2024

Brooklyn Public Library is currently out of eclipse glasses. See below for indirect viewing methods for the 2024 eclipse.

On Monday, April 8, 2024, a total solar eclipse will be seen in the US from Texas to Maine; In Brooklyn this eclipse will peak at 3:25pm, covering about 90% of the Sun. The total eclipse will last from 2:10pm to 4:36pm.

What is a Solar Eclipse? 

During a solar eclipse the Moon passes between the Sun and Earth and blocks all or part of the Sun. During a total solar eclipse, the Moon lines up perfectly to fully block the Sun; in a partial solar eclipse, the Moon only blocks part of the Sun; and during an annular eclipse, alignment is perfect but the Moon is too far away from the Earth to completely obscure the Sun. (Source: NISE Network)

Solar eclipses happen all over the world at least once a year. However, the next total solar eclipse over North America won't occur until 2044.

How can I view a solar eclipse? 

Even if you are in a place where the sun is completely blocked out: Never look directly at an eclipse without protection. 

The safest way to view an eclipse is wearing eclipse glasses, which will protect your eyes. Make sure the glass lenses do not have any tears or holes before using them, especially if you are reusing ones from a previous eclipse. For a full safety guide, visit

Is Brooklyn Public Library giving away solar eclipse glasses?

Note: Brooklyn Public Library does not have solar eclipse glasses—we ran out! Limited numbers of solar eclipse glasses were provided through a partnership with the National Esports Association. For information on programs at your local library, view our events calendar.

What if I don't have solar eclipse glasses?

If you do not have eclipse glasses, you can use indirect methods for observing an eclipse. These also make for fun activities for children and adults. Indirect methods include:

Solar education programs at Brooklyn Public Library are made possible through the generous support of Con Edison.

Solar eclipse glasses at Brooklyn Public Library are provided through a partnership with the National Esports Association.