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Brooklyn Public Library's four Bookmobiles take library service on the road, offering books and activities at community events and in neighborhoods with libraries that are closed for renovation.

Every year, the Bookmobiles make hundreds of stops at schools, shelters, parks and other locations throughout Brooklyn, serving thousands of patrons where they live, work and play. Thanks to a generous grant from the National Grid Foundation, BPL's lead Summer Reading 2015 supporter, our Bookmobiles have been outfitted with a fresh new design by Brooklyn illustrator Adam J. Kurtz.

Each Bookmobile houses a collection of up to 6,000 books specially curated to meet the needs of the neighborhoods and events we serve. Residents can check materials in or out and get library cards on the Bookmobiles.


Meet the Kidsmobile

One of our Bookmobiles is a Kidsmobile, offering collections for children and teens as well as storytimes and other youth activities. The Kidsmobile visits schools, daycare centers, parks, juvenile detention centers, special education programs, parks, pools and community events—any place that helps young Brooklynites connect to library services.

Request the Kidsmobile: To specifically request a visit from the Kidsmobile, apply here.

Note: Fines cannot be settled at the Bookmobiles. Due to lack of space, holds cannot be placed or picked up at the Bookmobiles.


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