Up From Flames: Mapping the Recovery of Bushwick 1977-2007

Center for Brooklyn History
This exhibition was originally organized and published by the Brooklyn Historical Society.

Today, Bushwick is one of Brooklyn's "hottest" neighborhoods, abuzz with construction, renovation, and aspiration.

Thirty years ago, however, Bushwick was a very different place. In the aftermath of a 1977 blackout in NYC, burning and looting took place, finally drawing the attention of the city and the country after a period of devastating neglect. It was during those darkest hours that Bushwick's recovery began, and it continues to this day. Up From Flames brought to life this success of urban planning and community strength using maps, primary documents, interviews with public officials and residents of the area, and original art by renowned New York City artist Meryl Meisler. The exhibition was curated by Adam J. Schwartz, Meryl Meisler, Josh Lapidus, Tim Evans and students from the Academy for Urban Planning.Up From Flames featured photographs and art by artist Meryl Meisler.