Brooklyn Miniaturists

Center for Brooklyn History

Danny Cortes, Aaron Kinard, and Jack Giambanco have many things in common. They are all longtime Brooklynites, all self-taught artists whose passion for making miniatures took hold in just the last few years, and all make work that represents Brooklyn in stunningly intricate detail.

Join us for a pop-up exhibition at the Center for Brooklyn History.


Daniel Cortes’s miniatures capture his childhood growing up in Bushwick and the gritty New York of the 1990s. His urban landscapes detail every gum stain, sticker, and rust-worn gate in intricate detail. In the three short years since Danny began his surprising journey as a miniaturist he has become a sought after artist, with work displayed at Art Basel in Miami, auctioned at Sotheby’s, and collected by Hip Hop stars.




Jack Giambanco began creating miniature models of beloved local Brooklyn businesses during the pandemic, inspired to preserve neighborhood fixtures that were struggling or closing. He now works at his art full time. Starting with a detailed sketch, he breaks each model down into multiple pieces, designs the pieces digitally, reproduces them using 3D printers, and then carefully assembles the final work. His models of iconic places like Lenny’s Pizza, Roll N’ Roaster, and White Castle capture the spirit of place and time. Giambanco sees his art as a way to keep memories alive.



Aaron Kinard has been making urban dioramas for four years. Sometimes political, sometimes romantic, they express both his love of New York and his concerns for the world. Growing up he was aware that miniature toys and train sets largely depicted a white, rural world. He aims to address that in his work. Until he was discovered through social media, Kinard was very private about his work. While he has not yet displayed his art, the growing press and social media attention may change that.

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