Researching local history through archival documents provides us with a sense of place and identity in our communities. For students the act of reviewing and questioning these documents, and by extension their history, provides an avenue for understanding and academic achievement.

The Brooklyn Collection is pleased to present Brooklyn Connections: Annual Student Research Project Exhibition celebrating the work of over 1,600 student researchers in grades 4 to 12 from Brooklyn Public Library’s school-based residency program Brooklyn Connections. This exhibition offers students the opportunity to see their work in a professional exhibition setting, breaking down barriers between young people, libraries and academic research institutions.

Using a wide variety of media – from colorful paintings, drawings, political cartoons, and dioramas to traditional research papers and cutting edge digital projects, the 2017-18 Brooklyn Connections: Annual Student Research Project Exhibition explores everything from transportation to historic events, Civil Rights and community organizing to immigration, landmarks to changing neighborhoods.

For over 10 years, Brooklyn Connections has been a pioneer in providing archival research education to public school students throughout Brooklyn. Through hands on workshops and tours of the Brooklyn Collection, students practice multi-discipline learning skills to create unique research projects that reflect the diverse and complex history of the borough we call home.

Stop by the Brooklyn Collection from June 2nd thru September 8th 2018 to view featured student research projects in the exhibition.

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