Translations and Annotations

As part of BRIC’s Biennial exhibition, Central Library features Translations and Annotations, including the work of four artists who use existing texts and documents as source material. By processes of alteration, annotation, translation and reinterpretation, these artists endow these texts with new, emotional quality, relevant to their lives and to the time in which we live.

Artists include Kumasi Barnett, Aaron Beebe, Asuka Goto and Chris Nosenzo.

In addition, Hidemi Takagi's iconic and personal photographs of the Barbershop culture in Bed-Stuy and Crown Heights are on display in the teen center.

The BRIC Biennial: Volume II, Bed- Stuy/Crown Heights Edition is the largest and most ambitious exhibition to date organized by BRIC. This second edition of this initiative will be centered at BRIC House, with portions of the show also on view at important cultural institutions and art spaces in the neighborhoods being covered by the show: Weeksville Heritage Center, Brooklyn Public Library (Central), and FiveMyles

The work of hundreds of artists based in Bedford-Stuyvesant and Crown Heights were reviewed in order to select the approximately 40 included in this exhibition. This edition of the BRIC Biennial will focus on the theme “Affective Bodies,” drawing from affect theory, which places emphasis on bodily experience rather than on learned knowledge. Artists exhibited at Weeksville Heritage Center will be grouped under the theme “The Lived City,” considering how people’s lives and experiences endow urban spaces with emotional resonance. The exhibition at Brooklyn Public Library will include “Translations and Annotations.” And finally, FiveMyles will focus on presenting a series of performance artists.

Overall, the BRIC Biennial highlights the significance of Brooklyn as the place where New York artists create work and develop their careers. By focusing on a small geographic area, comprehensive research can be undertake on artists in the selected neighborhoods, highlighting those who are making important creative contributions with their work. 

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