Central Library
2nd floor Balcony Cases
Jun 16, 2016 to Aug 31, 2016

This exhibition is a sampling of the continuing evolution of book structures inspired by water in its natural forms and those created intentionally. It includes my first piece, allowing the paper to do its own thing, up to the most recent, a wall hanging piece made for this show.

My primary influence in pursuing book art was the flip-book. I started by cutting away the space around the object that was moving so the “movie” was visible all at once. From there I began to let the paper move as it wanted and at the same time use it to make the water-oriented shaped I wanted to express.

Chris Perry, BPL ExhibitionChris Perry is a graduate of the Maryland Institute College of Art, and has worked at the Guggenheim Museum in New York City early in his career. Perry currently works full-time in his studio and has been featured in exhibitions all over the country including Texas, New York, Connecticut, and Georgia.

Email: chris@csperry.net
Website: csperry.net

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