28th Amendment

Brooklyn Public Library presents the 28th Amendment Project. This public undertaking united hundreds of voices during 32 town halls, representing people across diverse backgrounds, to produce a 28th Amendment to the United States Constitution — 28 years after the last amendment was passed, in 1992.

The town halls were moderated by Craig Manbauman, Brian Tate and Brynna Tucker. The notetakers (Alma Diamond, Julia Harvey and Matthew Mmorzek) captured those ideas, and from their notes the town hall moderators and our Constitutional Framers created a two-part document of radical proportion that sets forth the People’s response to the pressing needs of our time.

Part One is a legal proposal for a 28th Amendment drafted by the Framers: Anand Giridharadas, author (Winners Take All; The True American), Susan Herman, the Ruth Bader Ginsburg Professor of Law at Brooklyn Law School, Kimberly Peeler-Allen, Co-Founder of Higher Heights and Board Chair of the ERA Coalition; and Nathaniel Rich, author (Losing Earth; King Zeno). Part Two is a narrative summary that seeks to capture the voices of the People who participated in this project. It was crafted by moderators Brian Tate, writer and activist, and Craig Manbauman, poet and military veteran.

You can read our Brooklyn Amendment here. If you would like to run your own 28th Amendment Project, download the toolkit below. You can also download a 10-minute video that explains the importance of the Constitution to a democracy.