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This event has been postponed. Attendees will be contacted directly with a new date and time. 


Why are books important? Historically, who has decided where and when they can be read? What explains censorship? What moral, ethical, and intellectual responsibilities do educators face when discussing these questions in the classroom?  

Join author Kenneth C. Davis as he discusses the long history of banning books. While controversies over banned books have reached a fever-pitch in recent years, these attempts to censor and control knowledge are not new. Davis will explore the cultural, political, and intellectual roots of book censorship, examining how book-bans have been used as a tool of authoritarian governments throughout history. Special focus will be given to censorship and its opponents in New York City during the 19th and 20th centuries. 

Through this conversation with educators and students, Davis will offer insights as well as ideas for bringing this important topic into classroom discussion. He welcomes questions. 

About the speaker:  

Historian Kenneth C. Davis is the author of the bestseller Don’t Know Much About History, which gave rise to his Don’t Know Much About  series of books and audios. Davis has written books targeted to a young adult audience, such as In The Shadow of Liberty, and is a frequent visitor to classrooms.  

Attendees are eligible for 1 CTLE credit. 

Accessibility Statement: 

We strive to offer educator professional learning opportunities that are inclusive for individuals with disabilities and our team is committed to the work that goes into creating safe and productive spaces for all. If you have an accessibility requirement, please let us know by checking the appropriate box while registering for our professional learning opportunities and a staff member will reach out with accessibility options prior to the event. 

Support for the Center for Brooklyn History Education Department is generously supported by The Morris and Alma Schapiro Fund, May and Samuel Rudin Family Foundation, Epstein Teicher Philanthropies, Nissan Foundation, The Pine Tree Foundation, and National Grid.  

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