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Stop the Bleed is a campaign that teaches people how to respond to emergencies where life-threatening bleeding is present. By learning just a few simple steps, you can become trained to save a life in an emergency situation. Bleeding is the number one cause of preventable death after injury, and the actions of immediate responders can be crucial in determining the outcome of the situation. With the skills and knowledge provided by Stop the Bleed, you can help to stop life-threatening bleeding and potentially save a life before professional responders arrive.

This workshop teaches how to: 

  • immediately respond to bleeding
  • recognize life-threatening bleeding
  • find appropriate ways to stop bleeding

Maimonides Medical Center instructors will be offering two classes per month. Please spread the word and share this opportunity with others.

For more questions, reach out to the Injury Prevention/Education Outreach Coordinator at Maimonides Medical Center ([email protected]) or reach out to Brooklyn Public Library's Community Health Team ([email protected]). 

This series is a collaboration between Brooklyn Public Library's Community Health Team and Maimonides Medical Center. 

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