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Do you want to become a more confident reader? We can help! Reading Coach is available—virtually—at Brooklyn Public Library.Learning to read is an essential developmental skill. The ability to read and comprehend materials is not only paramount to excel in school, but for success in daily life.  

Reading Coach is for students, ages 5-11 years old, who want to expand their vocabulary and strengthen their comprehension skills, so they become strong confident reader!

Students will:

  • Develop their reading and comprehension skills through interactive activities, i.e. drawing pictures to visualize a story.
  • Develop strategies for learning new vocabulary while reading.
  • Explore reading different topics and genres of books.
  • Learn and practice reading in a supportive, no-pressure environment.
  • Have fun!

All sessions are: 60 minutes, conducted by trained volunteers, and supervised by BPL  staff. Registration is required. 

Upon registering for Virtual Reading Coach, please send an email to Alexandra, ([email protected]) with the following information: student’s name, grade, and topics that the student is interested in. 

If you are providing the reading material, please ensure you have a digital copy of the book. 

Please send the fore-mentioned information at least 6 hours before you scheduled session.

We kindly ask:

  • That you only register for one tutoring appointment per a day, unless the appointment is for multiple students. 
  • If you cannot make your tutoring appointment, please contact us ASAP, ([email protected]), so another student has a chance.
  • That you send an email with the requested information, as confirmation of your registration. Your appointment may be canceled, if we do not hear from you.

Please note: all of your information shall be kept private, and is only used for Virtual Homework Help purposes.

If you have any questions or to make a request contact Alexandra, ([email protected])

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