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RSVP for Urban Art Jamm 2019: Gen Next!

Live Performances  |   Good Food   |   Talented Teen Artists
Hosted by the Bklyn Library Youth Council, this FREE by-teens, for-teens event features 20+ teen artists and performers, a crowd of 200+, free food, photo booth, hands-on art stations, face-painting, runway walk, and more!  All teens ages 13-19 are welcome.


Alvarela  -  Chara Lyons  -   Highpoint Brass  -  Joline Jourdain  -   Lil Dee

Line65  -  Madison  -  Marwa  -  Jamorra DuBose Morris  -  QueenBeach  

Sonja  -  STEM from Dance  -  The4.Lluxx   -  TUSK

DJ Tayahna   -    MC JaidaB

and special guest Miz Jade from Draq Queen Story Hour







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