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In this session, Dr. Chok will teach the most known nine-round of breathings for purifying the stale energies from our bodies. It is like washing a dirty cup, wiping it and filling it with delicious coffee! We wash our body every day but we do not wash inside! He will teach how to wash the internal body and fill it with pure energies! He will also teach how to meditate through conducting a guided meditation session. 

Dr. Chok Tenzin Monlam is a Tibetan yoga and mindfulness instructor with over ten years traveling, spreading teachings about Tibetan yoga and meditation methods. Additionally, he has over a decade of background and Buddhist knowledge of physical and mental healings. Moreover, he has translated more than 30 books and many articles into English or into Tibetan.

In collaboration with Prospect Park Alliance, Brooklyn Public Library presents University Open Air, a free, three-week series of classes beginning Tuesday, June 11th in Prospect Park’s former Rose Garden.

To access the Rose Garden, follow signs through Prospect Park's Grand Army Plaza enterance.  

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