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This course introduces two traditional methods that indigenous Africans have used to keep their bodies healthy. Until the 21st century, natural food and leaves were used to boosting immunity. Since the outbreak of the Coronavirus, the use of natural food has reemerged globally, especially among Africans in Europe and the Americas. This course highlights two methods and discusses why it’s still relevant to most Africans in this current pandemic.

Eugene Opoku-Mensah is a Computer Science educator & Researcher with over 6 years of experience in higher education level. Demonstrated skills in curricula development, tutoring, and data analytics using state-of-the-art tools to instruct both beginners and advanced learners. He is an Assistant Professor at Felician University’s Department of Computer Science. To his credit, he has taught a diverse pool of students in Mathematics, first in Ghana; then continued in China; and now in the United States. Dr. Opoku-Mensah takes an interactive approach while teaching by employing practical illustrations that help students grasp complicated concepts. His interests are in Data Science and Information Security in Healthcare Systems.

University Open Air is generously supported by The Morris & Alma Schapiro Fund. WNYC is a media partner of the 2020 BPL Presents Season.

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