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Artificial Intelligence shining as never before. Was it always like this? And is AI as capable as the AI industry promises us? I offer you to join me on the incredible journey of AI development and AI mythology. We will explore the history of Artificial Intelligence. We will go through the moment of success and setbacks. Also we will learn about the nature of intelligence and how human intelligence is different from artificial intelligence. As well we will analyze satte of art of AI and AGI development at the moment.

Pavel Ilin is a philosopher of culture, musician, baker, and software engineer. Mr. Ilin holds a Master’s Degree in Philosophy of Culture. At the moment of his departure from Russia, he was enrolled in a PhD program in Philosophy of Culture. 


University Open Air is generously supported by The Morris & Alma Schapiro Fund. WNYC is a media partner of the 2020 BPL Presents Season.

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