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This course will discuss why self-blogging is used by Iranian women as a medium. Their reasons for blogging are varied: some blog simply for the pleasure of writing, while others use the platform as a way to communicate and engage with other activists around the globe. This course will discuss the 6 main meanings that these women ascribe to their blogging. Participants will have a chance to actively discus these issues and share their points of view.

Ayoub (Yubi) Zareie is a Social Scientist who has done research for 20 years in the fields of gender, Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs), civil society, and the University and private sectors. Yubi has extensive experience working with policy, research, and planning agencies in Iran and New York. 

In collaboration with Prospect Park Alliance, Brooklyn Public Library presents University Open Air, a free, three-week series of classes beginning Tuesday, June 11th in Prospect Park’s former Rose Garden.

To access the Rose Garden, follow signs through Prospect Park's Grand Army Plaza enterance.  

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