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This course presents a typical plan for the management of quality of the contraction process towards achieving a sustainable construction, which delivers the objectives of the client in terms of satisfaction, delivery within budget, construction quality and timely delivery. An evaluation of the quality concepts, relevant quality policies and control processes needed for successful project implementation. Roles and responsibilities of the respective personnel involved in sustainable construction and built environment and the importance and benefits of the suggested model for the management of project quality to achieve sustainable construction. This course also aims to develop analytical skills covering the production process, with particular emphasis on the use of methods to maximize the workers and end users’ wellbeing; reduce failures/defects; improve construction health and safety; increase efficiency, and leverage appropriate measures to support zero carbon and low impact construction.

Ajibola Fatokun is a qualified professor with many years of experience as a construction professional, lecturer and university administrator. Skilled in the subject of construction engineering management. Demonstrated achievements in the form of academic scholarships and awards. Published in multiple scholarly journals and conference proceedings

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