Brooklyn Public Library and Prospect Park Alliance launches the first semester of University Open Air in June 2019. University Open Air is calling for professors, researchers, or academics who were trained outside of the United States and had to give up their respective fields when they immigrated to the US.

Taking place in the outdoor expanse of Prospect Park's Rose Garden, the University will consist of courses in the sciences and humanities, as well as other disciplines, that offers a platform for the talent and wisdom hidden in the life stories of New York’s local immigrants.

Eligible candidates will be able to facilitate a 45 minute lecture or workshop on a subject. The candidate will work with the organizers and his/her topic will be built in the curriculum of University Open Air. While the curriculum of the University is open, the organizers are seeking substantial and relevant topics which demonstrates the knowledge of our candidates. Candidates will be asked to submit their subject of choice, along with a resume. In advance of your lecture, an efficient teacher’s training will be offered to help structure your 45 minute class. All teachers will be compensated for their work. The classes will take place over a span of three weeks and will be free and open to the public.

University Open Air is a space for you to share your knowledge and experience freely with others. Here, your skill set will be acknowledged and celebrated once again, regardless of immigration status. Courses can be taught in the language with which you feel most comfortable. Translators will be provided. If you or anyone you know is interested in being a part of the first semester or have a question regarding the program of University Open Air please reach out to us by email: or telephone: 718-230-2021.

To apply for a teaching position, click here

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