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News about Artificial Intelligence (AI) has taken over all the tech headlines lately, raising more questions than answers. Join us for an engaging introductory class on Artificial Intelligence (AI) hosted by Women in AI Ethics where you’ll learn about the history of AI and the humans behind this powerful technology. In this class, which involves discussion and interactive (verbal) exercises, you’ll learn about how AI is used to augment human capabilities but also how it amplifies the worst human biases.

Mia Shah-Dand is the founder of Lighthouse3, a California-based consultancy that focuses on responsible AI and governance. She is known for her work in promoting diversity and responsible AI practices. Mia excels at leading large cross-functional programs, managing multi-disciplinary stakeholder teams, and advising global organizations on responsible development and deployment of AI systems. She is actively involved in addressing issues such as bias, fairness, transparency, and accountability in AI. Mia is also the founder of Women in AI ethics and frequently speaks at conferences on the issues of diversity and ethics in AI. She has hosted 100+ workshops and events to make AI and emerging technology education accessible to everyone. Mia is on the Selection Committee for Anita Borg ABIE Social Impact award committee and Advisory Board for Carnegie Council’s Artificial Intelligence & Equality Initiative. Her work has been featured in Forbes, Fast Company, Politico, and Venture Beat. Her pronouns are she/her.

*In cases of rain, classes will be either moved to the Prospect Park Boathouse or canceled. Registered patrons will be notified by email on the morning of each course day and are also encouraged to check the UOA webpage and BPL Presents’ Facebook and Twitter pages for updates.

University Open Air is generously supported by The Morris & Alma Schapiro Fund.

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