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Stay at home! The period we are in is a completely different first. All over the world, change became necessary for an unspecified time, affecting all "normal" schedules. We became unable to do many familiar and ordinary things: No travel, no vacation, no restaurants, no museums, in theaters, no concerts, no parks, no stores, no libraries, no closed areas and etc. On the other hand, mankind met other expressions everywhere at the same time: "Essential Workers", "Disinfecting", "Sanitizing", " Stimulus Package.” I was able to continue working; but more importantly, I had the opportunity to complete many things that I had taken time off and put off. As immigrants in New York, I want to share what we do and what we can do with people in the same situation who live far from their families.

Sinan Kocaslan graduated from the Mimar Sinan University, Faculty of Fine Arts, Photography department. Professional photographer with 25+ years of experience working on analog enlargement and chemical prints, large format digital printers, film developing, scanning, and film and paper print-out. Skilled in a wide range of studio, indoor and outdoor photography. Immigrated to the US at 2012, joined professional development program, Upwardly Global, and completed immigrant workforce training. Providing quality customer service in a market and continuing freelance photography and updating personal website for creative development. You can follow Sinan's work at

University Open Air is generously supported by The Morris & Alma Schapiro Fund. WNYC is a media partner of the 2020 BPL Presents Season.

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