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Celebrate Summer Reading with an afternoon of books, activities and performances on Central Library's plaza. Summer is the time to read what you love – and love what you read, to make you laugh, send shivers up your spine, transport you to another time or place, answer questions, or offer comfort in stressful times.

Special Concerts 

Control the Sound - 12:30PM
Brooklyn-based young rockers, Control The Sound, are a funky, genre-bending group whose roots trace back to an elementary school talent show.

Silly Jazz and Camille
Come dance along to “silly jazz” with award winning comedian and jazz singer, Camille Harris. Popular songs include: "Baby on the Subway," “The Monster Under My Bed,” “Muffin Man,” and “Chopsticks.” 

Activities All Afternoon

Skyline Collages by ArchForKids
Skylines define and identify cities. If you designed a skyline, what would it look like? What buildings will be prominent? What would Your skyline collage say about the city?

Juggle Buddies
Watch Tommy and Patrick, jugglers extraordinaire, entertain with their antics! These two will keep you laughing and amaze you with their juggling prowess. You may just learn a couple tricks to practice later too. 

The Razzle Dazzle Show
Razzle Dazzle's magic show will, well, razzle dazzle you! Her baffling illusions and impressive magic impress kids (and adults!) of all ages, and her silly humor keeps everyone engaged. 

Michael of Bond Street Theatre has walked on stilts all over the world! He is delighted to tower above the crowd in his native NYC and will happily pose for any photo opp. 

Watch our yo-yo master Brian wow with his yo-yo expertise! Then he breaks down the tricks so you can practice later. We'll walk the dog, rock the baby, and move on to more advanced string work too. Bring a yoyo if you have one lying around! 



Major support provided by the New York Life Foundation, the 2021 city-wide sponsor for Summer Reading and Learning Programs. Lead support for Brooklyn Public Library’s Summer Reading 2021 program is provided by the National Grid Foundation. The program is supported by Con Edison and Macy’s.

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