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Many people have done some kind of creative visual scap-booking, where you assemble magazine clippings, photographs, writing, or drawings. But have you ever done the same with audio recordings? Once you start recording and assembling audio, you begin to hear the world in a different way.

In this class, we’ll talk a bit about the creative (and legal) ramifications of sampling, the history of audio collage, how and where to gather source material, and what makes a “good” sound collage.

This class is for anyone who is interested in sound and narrative, including podcasters, composers, and sound designers, as well as anyone who would like to explore the creative possibilities of audio. Please bring a smartphone with an audio recording app, or other recording device, if you can.

Corey Bertelsen is a game developer, audio designer, and educator based in Brooklyn. He has worked on games and interactive projects that have been shown across the country at events such as the Independent Games Festival, Boston FIG, the Experimental Gameplay Workshop, and Terminus Conference.

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