Girl Shy (1924) 80 minutes USA
Harold Lloyd evolved film comedy at the Hal Roach Studio, in 1917, when he dropped his slapstick-based persona to create a new character dressed in every-day clothes, which allowed him to explore more real-life situations while retaining aspects of slapstick. Today’s romantic-comedy finds him playing a young man who stutters and over-compensates for his fear of women by writing a book about his mastery of love, but will he find the courage to accept real-love when he meets Mary (played by Jobyna Ralston) and take the second-chance given to him in the film’s climactic-race? Directed by Fred Newmeyer and Sam Taylor.

With Live Piano Accompaniment by Bernie Anderson.

Curated and Hosted by Ken Gordon.

Children under the age of six will not be admitted to this program.

Silent Movie Matinee is supported by Los Blancos and other generous supporters.

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