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Everyone desires physical and mental well-being but everyone is busy searching for it outside! Why not search it within with help of some ancient Tibetan knowledge? We breathe every day without knowing its tremendous power. One of the key secrets called ‘Vase Breathing’ (also known as ‘One Medicine for Hundred Diseases) which is able to triumph over death will be taught.

Dr. Chok Tenzin Monlam is a long time practitioner of Buddhist meditation and Tibetan yoga after receiving intensive training on meditation, yoga and other healing methods from many great masters of the Tibetan Buddhist schools and also of the Bon and Indian traditions. He has traveled to over fifteen countries spreading these ancient knowledge. Additionally, he has over a decade of background and Buddhist knowledge of physical and mental healing. Moreover, he has written two Tibetan language books and translated more than thirty books and many articles into English or into Tibetan.

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