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Join Brooklyn Public Library for a monthly Science Fiction book discussion! Every month we will convene online to discuss a science fiction novel. The first discussion will be held on Thursday, June 17th from 6:00 P.M. to 7:00 P.M. Register above for a link to a Zoom meeting. 

Regrettably, despite the cover photo, we will not be discussing Macaque Attack. Instead this first month we will be reading and discussing The Girl Who Was Plugged in by James Tiptree Jr. This novella won the Hugo award in 1974 and it predicted everything from invasive consumer analytics to celebrity influencers to online catfishing. It's terrific and only about 30 pages, perfect for our inaugural meeting. 

I'll send you a link to the material once you register. If you have any questions please contact Eric Horwitz at the Clinton Hill Library (718) 398-8713. 


For Teens and Adults

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