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Welcome to the online laboratory of Bill Louden Science! “Brainy Bill” amazes and amuses crowds of all ages and sizes with his incredible live science demonstrations. 

Join Brainy Bill for a hands-on, wands-up science workshop. We’ll learn the secrets behind levitating toilet paper, re-apparating ink, and maybe a few bigger, louder magic spells! You can just tune in to watch or gather some materials and try the “incantations” yourself....

1/2 cup of One the Following: Grape Juice, Blended Red Cabbage, or Turmeric and Water
Baking Soda
2 Small Cups
Paintbrush or Q-tip
Two Squares of Toilet Paper

This program will be presented via Zoom! Please register online and we will email you the link about an hour before the program begins! 

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