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Many of magic’s most influential and innovative performers found their footing in the escapist shores of Coney Island. Harry Houdini, Dai Vernon, Al Flosso, Jean Hugard, and Horace Goldin are among the magicians who entertained there and grew into world-renowned talents.

In this free event, magicians Richard Cohn, Mark Mitton, Herb Scher, and George Schindler will highlight numerous notable magicians who made an impact at Coney Island and will perform feats of magic the likes of which have enthralled audiences there for more than 125 years. They will also explore what it is about Coney Island that has attracted and nurtured so many colorful conjurors, look at the magic performed at Coney Island today, and consider the prospects for its future as a home to amusement and amazement.

The participants in The Magicians of Coney Island are all active members of the Parent Assembly of the Society of American Magicians which has been a nexus of magic in New York City since 1902.

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