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Experience a guided Reiki energy meditation practice intended to restore balance and inner peace.  This Circle practices a combination of Reiki, Meditation, Guided Visualization, and Chair-Qigong.

Our teacher Machi is an Usui Reiki Master certified through the New York Open Center. She studied Reiki with Joanna Crespo, Pamela Miles, and Jyogan Hakata-Kohler. Machi is an energy coach combining Reiki, Energy Medicine, Qigong, meditation, and visualization in her sessions. These help to raise and maintain the high vibrational energy that kickstarts the self-healing mechanism. Machi practices energy therapies for pain management, pre & post cancer treatments, body disorders, anxiety, grief, trauma, and body and spirit rebalancing. Her technique restores feelings of wellbeing, hope, and lightheartedness.


This program series is generously funded by the Crabapple Cove Foundation.

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