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You are invited to join us for our monthly Philosophy Discussion!  We meet on the last Wednesday of every month in Room 214 at the Central Library.  

We are undertaking a chronological exploration of the History of Philosophy beginning with the earliest Greek philosophers, using The History of Philosophy (Without Any Gaps) podcast and resources (authored by Dr. Peter Adamson). Each meeting corresponds with one episode of the podcast.  All podcast episodes can be found at this website: They are about twenty minutes long.  

This Fall we will wrap up our review of the earliest Greek philosophers - the Presocratics - with meetings on Democritus and Leucippus (9/27), Anaxagoras (10/25), Empedocles (11/29), and Hippocrates (12/27). 

On Wednesday September 27, we will be discussing The Atomists: Democritus and Leucippus.  To listen to the podcast click this link: If you would prefer a text version of the article to read, contact [email protected].  We have print and electronic copies available.

All interested parties are welcome to join us.  No previous philosophical background is required.  


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