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“Why is that lady brown?” “Why did the police kill Mr. Phil?” “What will happen if immigration comes to take my family away?” Young children notice a lot about the world – including race, ethnicity, inequity and injustice. They sense that these things matter, and they have questions many educators are not prepared to answer. This interactive workshop will explore the barriers that prevent adults from talking about race and racism with young children, examine the social science of race awareness in children, and identify strategies to start the conversation with kids about the complexities of race, racism, and racial differences. (For parents and caregivers of children ages birth to 7)

This workshop is sponsored by the Youth and Family Services Department of Brooklyn Public Library and facilitated by Little Uprisings.

Little Uprisings (LU) is a collaborative and liberative racial justice program for kids. Little Uprisings is founded by Tanya Nixon-Silberg (she/her), who is a black mother, artist, educator and facilitator. She has been working with children for racial justice for over 5 years as co-founder of Wee The People and continuing faculty for the Racial Reconciliation and Healing project. Co-facilitator Octavia Nixon is a former Boston Public School teacher, educational coach and now state partnership curriculum developer.

This workshop is supported by the City's First Readers Initiative of the New York City Council.

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