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Join us for an exhibition opening Our Voices Seen and Heard: A First Hand Account at the Greenppoint Libary and Environmental Education Center.  The opening will also feature a viewing of an excerpt of “Earthkeeping: A Call to Action”, a 1992 PBS documentary by local filmmaker Scott Fraser and a discussion with veterans of the movement.

The neighborhoods of Williamsburg and Greenpoint in Brooklyn share a common tradition of strong community action, often through creative and artistic means. Our Voices Seen and Heard: A First Hand Account is a visual display of the decades of fighting for Social and Environmental Justice from the 1970s to the present in these communities. Our Voices consists of posters, flyers, paintings, banners, T-shirts, buttons, press clippings, videos and other memorabilia collected from community members and organizations that show our many battles, preserve our history, and celebrate the victories won together to help heal our communities.

This exhibit is organized by Southside United HDFC - Los Sures (El Museo de Los Sures) and Greenpoint Library and Environmental Education Center in participation with El Puente, Lucha, Newtown Creek Alliance, North Brooklyn Neighbors, North Brooklyn Parks Alliance and St. Nicks Alliance.


For more information you make check the exhibit website

This exhibit will be on display on the second floor of the Greenpoint Library from May 26th – July 31st. 


This exhibit is organized by Southside United HDFC - Los Sures (El Museo de Los Sures).

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