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Piñata Love (Ages 7+)
By Joel Ramirez, NYICFF 2018
6 mins. No dialogue


Mexican craft meets-cute with NYC street style in this tale of a near-perfect mâche.

Talking points:
- Did you notice that the characters don’t speak? The film relies on the music and actors' expressions to tell the story. Rewatch the film and point out the moments when the music changes to help the viewer understand the story.
- A piñata is a work of art, created to be destroyed. Why did the boy make a piñata and why do you think the girl reacted the way she did? If this were your film, would you change the ending?
Fun Facts: If you pay attention to the credits you’ll notice that the director plays the bicyclist. The school in the film is PS 3 in Manhattan

Mateo and the Cinema (Mateo y el Cine, Ages 7+ or all ages for Spanish speakers)
By Luis Felipe Hernández Alanis, NYICFF 2018
4 mins. In Spanish with English subtitles


A young boy gets help from his family, committed to seeing his artistic talents gloriously unfold.

Talking points:
This story is told by Mateo’s sister; she is the narrator. Do you think that Mateo would narrate or tell the story any differently? Write a story about someone or something in your house and record your narration.
Fun Facts: It takes 24 individual drawings or images to create just one second of animation! In Mateo’s case, that would mean 24 squares of toilet paper!

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