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The first-ever edition of Short Takes, short film recommendations for you to share with the kids in your life for a spot of playful inspiration, creative exploration, and empathy-generating discussion.

We hope you enjoy these suggestions from past editions of the Festival. Included are age recommendations, links to where you can stream them, and talking points for conversation and learning.


Perfect Houseguest (All Ages)
By Ru Kuwahata and Max Porter, NYICFF 2016
2 min.

A house is visited by a clean, organized, well-mannered guest.



Talking points:
- Why do you think the filmmakers decided to use a mouse to tell this story?
- What are some words you would use to describe a mouse in your home? In this film?
- Think of another animal in your house. What unexpected things would it be funny to see them doing? Draw a picture inspired by your ideas!


Welcome to My Life (Ages 8+)
By Elizabeth Ito, NYICFF 2017
9 min.

The animated high school challenges of T-Kesh, your average Monster-American teenager.



Talking points:
- This film is a kind of mockumentary. It looks like a documentary, which is usually non-fiction, but is telling a fictional story. What elements of the film make it look and feel like a documentary?
- What is the conflict in this story? How is the conflict resolved?
- Imagine you are making a mockumentary. What is it about? Interview your family members about your subject.

Fun Fact: The voice actors are the filmmaker's own family members!

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