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Friends of the Macon Library is bringing another family-friendly, Halloween-themed show to Macon Library. We're planning for a fun and spooky play for audiences of all ages on the eve of Halloween!

The focus of this year's show will be science. What happens when Martians try to invade earth? Luckily a group of science-loving kids know what to do to save Bed-Stuy... and our planet!

A stage will be set up right outside the library, on Macon Street, and the block will be closed to traffic. The show runs 15 minutes and will repeat several times throughout the evening.

So be sure to stop by the library on Halloween, anytime between 5pm and 8pm, to be a part of our community show. It will be produed by the Masquerade on Macon team, a group of community members that include several Bed-Stuy residents active with the group that produced the famous Halloween shows in Clinton Hill.

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