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Learn to paint in water media in a fusion of Western watercolor and Asian brush painting styles for a variety of topics related to the tiger.  Class meets on Tuesdays from January 18th through May 3rd, 2022, skipping February 1st, 2022.  Topics are:

  1. Siberian Tiger in Snowy Forest
  2. Plum Blossom with Tiger
  3. South Asian Tiger in Tropical Jungle with Orchids
  4. Yellow Hills with Tiger-Colored Butterflies
  5. Waterfall and Tigerlily with Tiger
  6. Jacaranda and Water Lily with Tiger
  7. Lotus Flowers with Tiger
  8. Sunflower with tiger
  9. Landscape with Tiger-Shaped Rocks
  10. Autumn Foliage with Tiger Caps
  11. Tiger Walking in Bamboo Groove
  12. Tiger Walking out of Icy Cave 
  13. To be determined
  14. To be determined
  15. Culminating event

Each program will be recorded, livestreamed on YouTube, and shared on YouTube after each session.  All participants who register and join this program will be recorded.  Your image will be seen if you leave your camera on, your voice will be heard if you ask a question, and your name may be visible.

Registration is required: Zoom invite, handouts, and the URL for livestreaming will be emailed to registered participants in the morning of each lesson.  Contact 电邮联系: [email protected]

Instructor-recommended supplies:


Participating branches: Mapleton Library and Dyker Library

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