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Join us to learn how to make your very own fairy house! We'll talk a bit about the mythology of fairies, fairy culture, and how to use natural and household items to decorate your fairy house! Will the fairies come visit? Let's see! 

Supplies you will need:  A base ( piece of cardboard, a small cardboard box, a milk carton, etc.)  Then you will want to gather some natural items: acorns, grass, twigs, wood, shells, leaves, flowers, pebbles, etc. Then, look around and imagine what you could use around your home to make fairy furniture- teacups, toothpick boxes, whatever you want!  And keep in mind, fairies like shiny things:)

You will also need a pencil and paper to draw a design for your fairy house before you get started, and some glue or tape if you want to attach things in your fairy house. 

Watch the program live at 3:30PM on the Brooklyn Heights Library Facebook page.

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