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Journalist Victoria Law explains how racism and social control were the catalysts for mass incarceration and have continued to be its driving force: from the post-Civil War laws that states passed to imprison former slaves, to the laws passed under the “War Against Drugs” campaign that disproportionately imprison Black people. She breaks down these complicated issues into four main parts:

   1. The rise and cause of mass incarceration
   2. Myths about prison
   3. Misconceptions about incarcerated people
   4. How to end mass incarceration

“Prisons Make Us Safer” is a necessary guide for all who are interested in learning about the cause and rise of mass incarceration and how we can dismantle it. Beginners to conversations around abolition will find key jumping off points, while those already immersed in abolitionist efforts will find new and critical angles to investigate. 

We will meet Monday evenings in June (6/7, 6/14, 6/21, and 6/28) over Zoom, and aim to read 45ish pages per session. "Prisons Make Us Safer" is a brand new book accessible to check out from the library here: Prisons Make Us Safer.  -- If you have trouble getting ahold of a copy, please reach out to [email protected]

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This is the 12th installment of Justice Initiatives' book club. We'll invite readers to dive into a new title every month, sparking conversations about social power, dismantling oppressive systems, and fostering collective action.

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