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What would American society look like without punitive law enforcement? How is “crime” defined, and who gets punished for it? How can we reimagine “public safety” that keeps our communities vital—rather than eroded by racist surveillance and mass incarceration? Alex Vitale’s The End of Policing untangles these questions, tracing a through-line from the police’s origins—capturing enslaved people and monitoring the working class—to the “broken windows” practices, “War on Drugs,” and militarized crowd control tactics of the present day. 

Join us for a book group in 4 parts, every Monday in July—7/6, 7/13, 7/20, and 7/27—at 6pm on Zoom. We'll read 3 chapters a week. The book is available as an eBook or audiobook online.

Whether this topic has recently grabbed your attention, or has been on your mind for a while, come discuss everything from defunding and abolition, to the potential of community empowerment. 

Please register and sign up to receive news about other BPL virtual programming. Registration is limited to 30 participants, with a waiting list.

This is the first installment of Justice Initiatives’ book club. We’ll invite readers to dive into a new title every month, sparking conversations about social justice, dismantling oppressive systems, and fostering collective action.

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