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Learn about African history and African jewelry making with Guest artist and teacher Jennifer Jacobs. 

Participants will learn how to make bangles (Manillas) using copper wire. Manillas were used as currency to buy everyday items. But Europeans used them to buy and sell slaves from West Africa to the Americas. We will use African beads, mudd cloth and mixed wires.


Here is a list of materials you may use for completing this project.  (You may be able to find these materials in your home, or at a dollar store. )

Household Electric Extension cord or rope (any length or colour)

Glue gun and glue sticks or tacky glue/glue stick

Coupon Flyers from supermarket 

Assorted fabric scraps (old dress, blouse or t-Shirt is fine hd

Tape measure or ruler

Clear or Masking tape

Assorted Beads or buttons (broken Jewelry is perfect!)


Pliers (optional)

Paper towel, small bowl water, wet wipes or rag (for cleanup)

Tablecloth or newspaper to protect your table or workspace.




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