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These are challenging times. Cultivating consciousness as Covid-19, climate change and economic uncertainty—not to speak of the everyday troubles with which we must all contend—shift the contours of our existence has left us with heavy hearts that feel as if they have been broken open. 

In the United States, we typically understand the heart as being responsible for directing blood to the places where it needs to go: an organ whose job is simply to keep beating. But the heart is far more than simple anatomy. It generates a magnetic field that scientists have measured as traveling up to 16 feet. It is the seat of emotion, will and spirit. When our hearts feel fortified, we can move in the world with strength and clarity. 

In Herbal Remedies for Heartache, we will explore the complex role that the heart plays in our spiritual, emotional and mental health, tapping into various herbal traditions' insights on plants that help us live with the wounds that we carry. We will make a heart-supporting syrup that will help strengthen our ability to walk with an open heart, in spite of the experiences that have made us feel closed off to the world.  

Jess Turner (she/her) is a clinical herbalist, grower and educator whose practice is centered on helping frontline communities—low-income, working-class BIPOC communities who experience the first and worst impacts of climate change—repair through connection to the land and plants growing around them. In cities, these plants are often discarded as mere weeds. Her apothecary is Olamina Botanicals. 

This is a virtual event. Please register and you will receive a Zoom link two hours before the event. A limited supply of Grab and Go kits will be available (date TBD) after the event. Supply chain issues!


This workshop is made possible through the generous support of Whole Foods.

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