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The March Green Series features artist Claire Sherman, whose show New Pangaea, up now at DC Moore Gallery in Manhattan, represents the natural world in a manner that makes her landscapes both recognizable and utterly imaginative, inviting yet daunting. “The distorted palette of deep blues and greens creates,” as the gallery’s invitation has it, “an enhanced vividness that is in tension with the dense mesh of branches broken and askew, and leaves and plants twisted and overgrown.” Independent curator Melissa Messina describes Sherman’s paintings as “vast entanglements, synthesized mixes of plant life and geographical phenomena that in their detail maintain a sense of specificity but in combination intentionally do not scribe an exact location. They are every place at once or no place at all.”

The exhibition’s title comes from the writings of environmental author Elizabeth Kolbert who has described the consequences of global travel and trade as “reshuffling of the biosphere that is bringing all of the world’s flora and fauna together,” thereby creating another super-continent, New Pangaea. Sherman will discuss her work alongside the tensions created by climate change, and how New Pangaea grapples with art on the gallery wall alongside narratives in our social and political world. This presentation will features slides, an artist’s discussion and an audience Q&A, and of course an invitation to view the work writ large at DC Moore.

Brooklyn Public Library’s Green Series is a series dedicated to innovators in environmental conservation and understanding, and presents these voices while the new Greenpoint Library is being rebuilt with a new environmental education center. Join us and learn how to make an impact and make your voices heard. 

This program is made possible through the generous support of Whole Foods Market.

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