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Ecology: The Original Commons

Ecology is the original commons, the basis and ultimate standard of relational and thoroughly interdependent life systems. How can we learn from ecology ways to improve the contemporary commons—be it public or civic space or the commons of knowledge? And what aspects of biological life are currently under threat in our public sphere?

Join ecological artist Mary Mattingly in a talk where she explores the notion of "the commons" as it has informed her artistic practice and her ways of engaging with other citizens through public art projects. Mattingly will discuss previous works and her current commissioned living sculpture at Central Library, part of the exhibition Stars Down to Earth: Mary Mattingly & Dario Robleto. From wonders of the cosmos to urgent questions around habitable futures on earth, this exhibition brings together the scientific inquiries and complex visual systems of these two artists, who also, through their art, engage with the world as citizen scientists and ethicists.  

A soon-to-be-announced guest speaker will join for a discussion with Mattingly on science, ethics and the commons for the second portion of the program, followed by audience Q & A.

This program is made possible through the generous support of Whole Foods Market.

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